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Over 150 different recycling system has been sucssefully setted up continusously in 35 countries in the past. Due to good effort in design and manufacturing, KiTech keeps a continious technological innovation and evolution, leads to a good market share and high prise in plastic recycling filed. Moreover, KiTech has paid a big attention to the market tend and generate more reliable products to meet our customers' demand. Co-win solution is always our pursue. Looking forward to cooperate with our partners in all of the world.
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Deal Country


Malaysia,Vietnam,Indonesia,Bangladesh,Turkmenistan,Iran,Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Azerbaijan


Denmark,Germany,Spain,Portugal Poland,Russia,Lithuania,Serbia Hungary,Czech Republic,Ukraine


Morocco,Angola,Uganda Nigeria,Namibia,South Africa Egypt,Tanzania,Zambezia


Canada,Mexico,Brasil,Dominican Republic,Argentina,Chile,Peru,Cuba



Worldwide Projects

LDW1000 Plastic Recycling Washing Machine

Recently we just finished a new 1000kg/h Washing line for our client in Argentina.It equipped with powerful and stable shredder and two high-efficiency squeeze dryers can efficiently shred customers' films and woven bags, and make their moisture content reach 1%.All our electrical appliances are made of internationally famous brands like ABB,Siemens,Schneider.the best materials and the best electrical appliances, which can make our machines run stably for more than ten years.


High Efficiency 500kg/h Rigid Plastic recycling system Kitech

This is 500kg/h efficient LDPE rigid plastic washing solution to Ecuador from KITECH Machinery.We equiped with shredder and crusher for batter washing effect,the final rigid flakes’ water content is about 1% , which can meet the requirements of granulation line. Now the machine is well tested and ready to ship.


PP PE Plastic Film Washing Machine

The LDW500 PP PE film washing line and granulating machine provides customer with a complete recycling solutions. All processes are fully automated, and labor costs are reduced.


2000KG/H PE Film & PP Woven Bag Recycling Washing Line

There are a lot of PE film waste and PP woven bag waste in Saudi Arabia. KITECH Providing the client a big capacity recycling washing solutions. So client can use the recycled PP PE plastic to product their plastic product again.

Saudi Arabia

500KG/H LDPE LLDPE HDPE Plastic Film Washing Machine

LDPE LLDPE HDPE plastic film washing line make the clean film scraps, which can be raw material for making high quality pellets. The recycled pellets can be used to make blown film, plastic bottle, injection plastics etc.


8-10 Ton/h ABS PS PP Plastic Washing Separation line

With salty water separating and electrostatic separating, the waste electronic flakes ABS PS PP plastic flakes can be washed and separated, High productivity up to 8-10Ton/h.


RPW Plastic Washing Recycling Line

More and more customers found that there are tremendous opportunities for business in plastic recycling field. KITECH providing the best solution for plastic recycling. Such as PP/PE film, bags, HDPE bottle, drum, hollow container, PP chairs, WEEE ABS/PS waste’s recycling.


1000KG/H PET Flakes Washing Machine

One of the most famous plastic recycling company bought the PET washing line from KiTech. PET recycling has a huge market. We are involved in developping our technology in PET washing and Pelletizing.


Post-Consumer Plastic Film Recycling Washing Line

Post-consumer plastic waste pollution is a headache problem in worldwide. KITECH is devoted to developing the best solution for plastic recycling. The line consists of conveyor, crusher, screw loader, floating tank, friction washer, floating tank 2, Squeezing dryer.


Waste PP Jumbo Bag Recycling Washing line

PP woven bag especially PP jumbo bag is very hard material. It required a very strong heavy duty shredder machine as size reduction unit to ensure the high input and stable running.


PP PE Bottles Crates Crushing Washing Line

This washing line is specially designed for plastic bottles, crates, baskets and other rigid plastics, which can provide different output capacity from 500-3000kg/h.


PP Woven Bag Washing recycling Machine

The PP woven bag washing line can wash the woven bag scraps, It provide output capacity from 300-1000kg/h. Mainly include shredding, rinsing, friction washing, squeezing dryer processes.


Efficient LDPE Drip Tape Recycling Solution to Mexico from KITECH

This is 300kg/h efficient LDPE drip tape plastic washing solution to Mexioco from KITECH.Mexico has high standards for recycling programs.This machine adopts European safety standards.After efficient washing tank and friction washer,we get clean and high output flakes.And the water content is very low,it will be less than 8%.

500kg/h Efficiency Washing line For LDPE Film With Stickers.jpg

500kg/h Efficiency Washing line For LDPE Film With Stickers

We using more reasonable design-technics to help our client achieve better quality.Equiped with heavy duty shredder and beater machine,which can ensure high out put and run steadily for more than 10 years.


Waste Plastic Recycling Crushing Washing Line

A professional recycling company in Australia had purchased many machines from China and have rich purchasing experience. With many years of experience, The customer trust KITECH's washing line is a very good quality recycling washing line to recycle their HDPE drip tapes.


LDPE AG Waste Film Recycling Washing Machine

Agricultural film is heavy dirty waste which need more professional recycling pant. Shredder, Crusher, two floating tanks, two friction washers, squeezer Constitute a complete production line. With PLC control system for whole control. Capacity up to 1000kg/h for films.


Ecuador 500kg Rigid Plastic Strand Pelletizing Machine

Ecuadorian client want to recycle HDPE PP Rigid flakes.This Double Stage KCP120 pelletizing machine can make 400-500kg/h of uniform pellets.Double Screw will ensure better final  pellets .All our Equipments adopt the European design with the features of low energy consumption and CE safety standard .Now the machine is ready to ship.


Newest Design Nylon (PA-66) Compacting Full Automatic Strand Pelletizing System to USA

Our company has completed a new modern plastic pelletizer machine.The production line will be sent to the United States with an hourly output of 1,000 kg/h .Because of the high MFI of nylon material, we use the automatic water flow strand pelletizing system.The greatest feature of the automatic water flow strand pelletizing is that it can automatically adjust and cut particles without manual treatment, which is convenient and fast.
Our american client has sent people to check our machine and raw material testing .He is very satisfied with the operation of our machine. He paid the last payment last week and the whole machine will be sent to the USA next week.


PP Non-woven Fabric Shredding Compacting Recycling Extruder Machine

German professional recycling company specializing in the recycling of PP non-woven fabrics, Who has EREMA recycling machine. Because of the quality of KITECH, they also bought KITECH recycling machine. The machine runs smoothly and the output productivity is high. The client is very satisfied!


KCP160 LDPE HDPE LLDPE Film Pelletizing Line With Compactor

Professional recycler for plastic film recycling. Recycling LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, BOPP, CPP and other different plastic films, the advanced design of the KCP series pelletizing line meets the needs of customer for recycling different materials, helping customer quickly recover costs and make profits.


EPS Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine

The EPS cold-pressed or hot-melt material, After shredded or crushed, Adopt the KCP series recycling pelletizing recycling machine to obtain high-quality PS plastic pellets through agglomerate compacting, vacuum exhaust, melt extrusion and pelletizing process.


KCP180 Recycling Plastic Granules Making Machine

Professional recycling company in Australia had purchased many machines from China and have rich purchasing experience. With many years of experience, The customer trust KITECH's KCP series is a very good quality recycling machine to recycle their HDPE drip tape.


Double Stage Auto Water Flow Strand Plastic Pellet Machine

Double-stage pellet machine is more suitable for not so clean materials, and the automatic strand pelletizing system is more suitable for high MFI PP, PET, PC, PA, ABS, HIPS and other materials. The maximum output can reach 1200kg/h.


KCP Waste Plastic Film Bags Recycling Pelletizing Granulator

A well-known local plastic company in Morocco chooses KITECH recycling granulator to recycle the in house plastic waste of the customer's factory. According to the instructions provided by KITECH, the customer completed the installation and commissioning by their-self, and the machine is running stably, and the customer is very satisfied with KITECH’S Granulator machine.


Fully Automatic PE Plastic Film Granulating machine

The 500kg/h PE film washing line and PE film granulating machine provides customer with a complete recycling solutions. All processes are fully automated, and labor costs are reduced.


PE Film & Regrind Recycling Granulation Production Line

With sliding gate, KCP series recycling granulation production line make it possible to feeding soft and hard material together. The feeding device can be controlled by the sliding gate and PLC perfectly.


KSP Plastic Recycling Pelletising Machine For HDPE Regrind

The client is a large HDPE pipe manufacturer in Chile. He bought a KSP plastic recycling machine to recycle the shredded and crushed plastic pipes. The recycled plastic pellets can be reused to produce plastic pipes again.


KCP120 Double Stage PP PE Film Recycling Granulator

Recycler for mulching plastic PP PE film recycling, Who have the washing plant for waste film crushing washing and drying process. KiTech double stage pelletizing plant helps him to make more money!


Twin Screw PET Plastic Recycling Granulating Machine

PET Pelletizing line with stable drying system, strong vacuum degassing system, efficient filtration system, strand cutting system, make the PET flakes into PET pellets. Which is more popular in Plastic recycling market.

Saudi Arabia

LDPE HDPE LLDPE BOPP CPP Film Recycling Pelletizing Equipment

In-house waste from blown film, cast film and bag making production, in the form of rolls, cut-offs, scraps could be recycled in this compacting, extrusion and pelletizing process. Will get high quality and uniform size final granules which could be reuse.


PP ABS HIPS HDPE PET Plastic Recycling Dana Making Machine

With particular color, this KSP series strand type dana making machine looks cool. This is most application plastic recycling machine for kinds of plastic waste.


PP Woven Bag Recycling Pelletizing Machine

The biggest PP woven bag and jumbo bag manufacturer in Serbia who have post industrial PP woven bag and woven fabric waste. The advanced technology compacting pelletizing system gives the waste a second life.


Efficient LDPE Drip Tape Recycling Solution to Mexico from KITECH

This is 300kg/h efficient LDPE drip tape plastic pelletizing solution to Mexioco from KITECH.Dry and clean flakes from our complete cleaning system can go directly into our granulating equipment.We use double-stage machines to help customers meet their high requirements. Our electrical appliances are made of well-known international brands such as Siemens ABB and Schneider, and our whole recycling line can run continuously and stably.


KITECH Hot Sales HDPE Flakes Recycling Pelletizing Machine

Turkmenistan client want to recycle HDPE flakes.This pelletizing machine is used for rigid plastic flakes.It can make 300-350kg/h of uniform pellets of good mass.We adopt a new European design.We try our best to make the best granulation equipment, every line we have paid efforts.Each device has the best quality, which is also a testament to the strength of our company.


Ldpe Films Recycling Pelletizing System From Kitech Machinery

The Iran customer recycles LLDPE Bags and Pe Films. This pelletizing machine is realized to recycle the printed bags and films in one machine .The machine capacity of our kcp140 can do 600kg per hour .And adopted highly environmental standard by using the Dedust devices to help our customer working in a good condition..

Saudi Arabia.jpg

95 Parrallel Twin Screw Granulator Line With Underwater Pelletizer System

Our customer recycles Recycled PET material. This Granulator Line is used to recycle the PET flakes and powder. It is suitable for a variety of raw materials recycling.This 95 Parrallel Twin Screw Granulator machine is equipped with drying, automatic weighing and metering system,underwater pelletizer system. Adopt SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER top European CE standard electric components. All line is controlled by PLC system automatically.

Saudi Arabia
Kitech KSP80 Rigid Plastic Watering Pelletizing System.jpg

Saudi Kitech KSP80 Rigid Plastic Watering Pelletizing SystemArabia

In this summer,our worker work hard to advance the delivery,now we have just finished this system for our Hungary client,and have test with the material exact client required, KSP series which is specially designed for rigid PP/PE plastics,the system was running quite smooth and stable.

As European Countries have more strict safety and environment standard,our recycling line have safety switch and internal locking to protect the operators ,even single machine match the EU standard,and also,we got CE certificate,that’s why the client choose us in numerous of suppliers.

ACE92188Twin Screw PVC Plastic Pelletizing machine.jpg

ACE92/188Twin Screw PVC Plastic Pelletizing machine

This ACE92/188 Twin Screw PVC Plastic Pelletizing machine was exported to Poland, and the production requirement is 600-700 kg/h. It is for PVC windows crushed flakes recycling. The whole line can realize accurate temperature control. It can accurately control the temperature of different heating zone , so that raw materials can have a better plasticizing effect. Our machines meet European CE standards to perform customer tasks safely and efficiently..

High Intelligence 500Kgh Double Stage Water-ring Pelletizing Line.jpg

High Intelligence 500Kg/h Double Stage Water-ring Pelletizing Line

This 500Kg/h water-ring pelletizing line is for our old client in Russia.

It is design for recycling PP PE films and bags,we use double stage granulating equipment to help our client to achieve better pellets requirements.

Under the Convid-19 epidemic situation,our technicians can not go abroad to help client setting the machine,so we make install video to guide them to setting the whole recycling line themselves,and they done successfully.

PE PP Film & Rigid Plastic Recycling Granulate machine.jpg

PE PP Film & Rigid Plastic Recycling Granulate machine

This KCP80 Compacting water ring granulate machine was designed for PP PE film & Rigid plastic recycling. It has a wide application for many form of PP PE PS plastics, such as film, bags, woven scraps, rigid flakes etc. The whole line could be fully aromatically controlled in one intelligent touch screen. Easy to operate and save manpower. It is a ideal recycling machine for all plastic recycling factories.

New project To Poland 1000KG/H 160MM Two Stage Plastic Pelletizer Machine.jpg

New project To Poland 1000KG/H 160MM Two Stage Plastic Pelletizer Machine

Our company has completed a new modern plastic recycling Two Stage Plastic Pelletizer Machine with self-clean filtration system !The self-clean filter realizes automatic slag discharge.For the second stage,we use piston type filter ,which has a large filtration area .It can reduce the screen change frequency.This line will be shipping for poland. The whole line can Produce 1000KG Per hour .


KCP 140 Compacting Water Ring Pelletizing Machine

The customer recycles LDPE AG film. This pelletizing machine is used to recycle the washed film. European customers have high requirements for safety and environmental protection. This machine adopts European safety standards, is equipped with waste water and waste gas treatment devices. Adopt SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER...


PP PE Plastic Recycling Regranulate Production Machine

The KCP series recycling regranulate machine provides customer with a good recycling solution. Customer can recycle the washed film, the production waste from from the blown film machine, and can also recycle the HDPE regrind.


Heavy Duty Plastic Crusher

KITECH heavy duty Plastic crusher mainly used in crushing HDPE/PP/ABS/HIPS tray, sheet, injection parts, etc.


AGX Heavy Duty Single Shaft Shredder

This AGX Shredder machine helps customer pre-process big size PP Non-woven fabric & jumbo bags before feeding in Granulation system.


AGS Plastic Film Shredder Machine

AGS shredder is strong and helps clients to get the high capacity and unique size scraps he want. Prepare for washing process or pelletizing process.


AGF700/1200 Crusher Machine

The customer do Agricultural recycling business, and have washing line in his factory.  They use the crusher machine to crush the HDPE drip irrigation tapes before washing process.


Plastic Bottle Crate Crusher Machine

It is really suitable for crushing plastic bottles, crate, basket, bucket, drum, barrel, cans, and other plastic containers or injection plastics.


AGP HDPE Pipe Shredder & Crusher

Specially designed for recycling of plastic pipes with large diameters. The pipe can be shredded directly to 800mm and the length of the pipe is up to 6 meters.


AGH Heavy Duty Crushing Machine

Big type heavy crusher machine with feeding opening with 1600mm, the output is up to 3000-4000kg/h. Can crush the chair, pallet such large size plastic directly.


Plastic Crusher For Plastic Pellet

Feeding opening 1400mm, the output is more than 2000kg/h. Suitable for wide plastic items such as pallet’s crushing.


AGF700/100 PET Bottle Crusher System

Our customer recycles Recycled PET bottle material. This crusher system is used to recycle the plastic material. The AGF700/100 PET Bottle Crusher System is equipped with belt conveyor, crusher, fan and silo. Adopt WEG motor and heavy duty bearings, D1 blade with long use life, Hydraulic drive for hopper opening.