PE Agricultural Film/Mulching Film/Greenhouse Film Washing System


Programmable Control

Modular Combination Installation

Multiple Materials Process

Applicable materials:PE Agricultural film/Mulching Film/Greenhouse film


PE Agricultural Film


PE Mulch Film


PE Greenhouse Films

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Introduction to Modular Design



Pre-processing modular is freely consists of bale breaker,screen,pre-washer,sorter,metal detector,label remover,and some other equipments. It provides pre-treatment for the raw material.


Size Reduction

Large materials are processed into small pieces in this modular, which improves the washing result and makes the final product easy to packing.



Dust, glue, label,oil and other impurities can be removed highly effective by washing mod -ule. This modular combines foating washing, hot washing, salty water separating, high-speed friction washing, low-speed friction, spraying, and some other washing equipments.



Squeezing and drying treatment is used to remove the moisture in the material with low packing density. Mechanical dewatering treatment is used to process the material with high packing density to reduce energy consumption.



Near Infrared Spectrum , Aerodynamic principles material, and many other technology is used to separate material, color, and specific gravity to purify and sort products.


Monitor & Control

Weighing and metering system helps you monitor the output and energy consumption of production line in real time under different materials and production conditions. All data can be connected to ERP system for quantitative assessment. Which ensures that we can update and maintain all user's systems for a long term.

Stand-Alone Introduction

Belt Conveyor

Heavy duty type, adopt gear motor;

Side walls to avoid spilling of feeding material;


Optimally designed blades are sharp and powerful;

Enclosed cutting chamber to prevent materials flying out;

Knives are externally adjustable;


Special designed hopper to avoid material flying out;

4-way rotating knives with special knife holders;

Extremely robust pedestal bearing housings;

External mounted of bearing pedestal designs;

Screw conveyor

Screw adopt wear resistant stainless steel;

Triple sealing, External bearing design;

Washing tank

Double station discharge valve at bottom;

All Thumb-wheel speed variable by inverter control;

Heavy duty washing, separation of different specific densities material;

Friction washer

Rotor and blades adopt wear resistant steel;

Rotor with dynamic balance treatment. Accuracy: ±3-5g;

Active material washing to protect downstream units;

Centrifugal dryer

Rotor with dynamic balance treatment. Accuracy: ±3-5g;

Mild circular screen in polygon 4 piece version;

Washer/dryer housing built in stainless steel welded construction;

Squeezing dryer

Heavy built shaft and balde;

Double hydraulic press units;

Motorized Screw Squeezing;

Hot air pipe dryer

Pipeline built in stainless steel welded construction;

All part touch raw materials are stainless steel;

Hot air drying system;

Storage buffer

Direct connect with pelletizing process;

Large Storage capacity;

Electrical cabinet with PLC controller

International brand Low voltage components ;

Double circuit safety relay;

Intelligent and modular PLC controlling system


Features Introduction



Thanks to inovtive、washing technology and high quality recycling and estfrmanen KITech iellgent washing systen removes the ngest diffhcult soninente from waste plsss for customers.



KITECH washing system is available for 24 hours working non-stop operation. Optimized design and top brand components to each unit. Which could minimize the downtime ratio and save the maintenance time. This ensures the maximum availability and highest productivity for user.



KITECH washing system is designed in all details for effciency improving. The modular design could simplifty the planning and aooelerate the implementation." The system have very low consumption values for electricity, water and labor.The operating costs and maintenance costs are absolutely reduced. Consistently the lowest investment costs and highest value creation.



KITECH washing system is a flexible modular system. The process required by any customer for different application could be combined freely. This design reduces planning, construction and assembly time effectively. And it's possible to adjust the system regard to technological modifh -cation and market changing. This makes the investment future-proofing.



Automatic control of KiTech washing system reduces the labor operation, makes the whole system easier and more reliable to control, the remotes monitoring and maintenance are available for different production line. The intelligent control has display for operating data, it also collect the data of the consumption and the capacity from production lines. Which ensures the connection between the enterprises and the Internet, will improve the efficiency of enterprise management.



KiTech washing system is a flexible and customer- oriented recycling solution. All the components of the whole line is globally well- known brands, which ensures the reliable operation and serves your exact needs. Furthermore, our engineers will partner with you for the whole project. Building design, overseas installation, commissioning and training are available. Machine warranty with spares in stocking and in-time delivery. Consistently quick and careful service in pre-sales and after-sales process.

Floor Plan

Technical Data

Technical parameter
Energy consumption(KWH)114176225
Installation power(KWH)175271346
Dimension: L*W*H(m)Depends on factory layoutDepends on factory layoutDepends on factory layout
Belt conveyorBelt width(mm)6008001200
Motor power(KW)
Metal detector-OptionalPass width(mm)80010001200
Pass height(mm)400400400
ShredderGrind chamber(mm)840*15701120*15701400*1570
Motor power(KW)375575
Screw conveyorScrew diameter(mm)300400500
Motor power(KW)345.5
Washing tankDimension of tank(mm)4000mm×1400mm5000mm×1600mm7000mm×1800mm
No. of thumb-wheel(pcs)467
Discharge plate valve(pcs)2ports*2=43ports*2=64ports*2=8
Friction washerScrew diameter(mm)300400500
Motor power(KW)1118.530
Centrifugal dryerRotor diameter(mm)650--
Motor power(KW)30--
Squeezing dryerScrew diameter(mm)320410
Motor power(KW)5575
Hot air pipe dryerPipe diameter(mm)159219330
Heating power(KW)364860
Storage bufferStorage capacity(CBM)346
Motor power(KW)2.234
Waste water filtration device-OptionalVibration screen size80010001200
Screen mesh404040
Electrical cabinetPLC controller
Button type
Man power(person/shift)33-43-4
Delivery time(day)60-9060-9060-90
Technical assistanceEgnineer available to service machinery overseasEgnineer available  to service machinery overseasEgnineer available to service machinery overseas

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