The function and classification of the die head of the waste plastic granulator

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The plastic granulator consists of two parts: the machine head and the fixed mold.

1. The function of the head of the plastic granulator

The machine head is the main part of extruding sodium material parts. It makes the molten plastic from the extruder change from spiral motion to linear motion, and further gradually changes it to generate the necessary molding pressure to ensure that the plastic parts are dense and obtain a cut. while continuous profiles of similar shape.

2. Classification of machine heads

(1) Classification by extruded plastic parts

Usually extruded plastic parts include pipes, rods, plates, sheets, meshes, monofilaments, pellets, various special-shaped materials, blown films, wires and cables, etc. The heads used are called pipe heads, rods, etc. nose. 

(2) Classified by product export direction

It can be divided into vertical head and horizontal head. The material flow direction in the former head is consistent with the axial direction of the extruder screw, such as a hard tube head; the material flow direction in the latter head is at an angle to the axial direction of the extruder rod, such as a cable head. 

3. The role of stereotypes

Although the plastic part extruded from the machine head has a predetermined shape, it will be deformed due to its own weight due to the high temperature of the part. Therefore, it is necessary to use a sizing device to cool and shape the shape of the part, so that Obtain the correct size, geometry and surface quality to meet the requirements. Cooling, pressurization or vacuuming are usually used to stabilize the predetermined shape of the plastic extruded from the die and finish it, so as to obtain a more accurate cross-sectional size and a brighter surface. pieces.