Working principle of plastic granulator

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Plastic can be reused. If it is reused, it needs to use waste plastic machinery. The granulator is one of the machines. The plastic granulator includes the crushing and washing machine connected first, the extruder, the air-cooled dryer and the granulator. Next, let me introduce the working principle of the plastic pellet machine:


Before introducing the working principle of the plastic granulator, we must first introduce its extrusion system. The extrusion system of the machine is mainly the extruder. The extruder includes the chassis and the power assembly inside the chassis. The peripherals of the chassis There is an electric control box, a reducer and a hopper are installed on the box, a barrel is set under the hopper, an extrusion screw is set inside the barrel, a die is connected to the extrusion screw, a machine head is set on the die, and a barrel is set outside the barrel. J.

The working principle of the plastic granulator is to send the sorted waste plastics into the crushing and washing machine, crush them into flakes or strips, and then send them to the extruder, melt and plasticize them at an appropriate temperature, and further filter out the waste plastics Impurities in the material and extruded into strips (filaments), the air-cooled dryer quickly dries the moisture attached to the extruded strands during cooling, and then the cooled plastic strips are cut by a cutter into particles of uniform size, so that waste plastics become high-quality molding particles with uniform particle size and smooth appearance.