Precautions before, during and after using common woven bag shredders

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The woven bag shredder is a type of shredder. Of course, different manufacturers have different definitions of woven bag shredders. For example, some manufacturers use a single-shaft shredder to crush woven bags, and some manufacturers use a dual-shaft shredder to crush woven bags. Both of these shredders can be called woven bag shredders. So, what should you pay attention to before, during and after using the equipment? Let me give you a brief introduction below.


1. Before starting the woven bag shredder, ensure that the main machine is stable and cannot swing back and forth. Before starting the machine, check whether the connecting bolts are tightened. If any are loose, tighten the bolts before starting the machine. Before starting the machine, the reducer and bearings must be refueled as required. When turning on the machine for the first time, after turning on the power, observe the rotation directions of the two spindles and require the spindles to rotate toward the inside of the host machine. If an error occurs, adjust the options and then restart. During the work process, the head, hands and other parts are not allowed to be close to the feeding port to prevent splashes from injuring the body and endangering life safety during the shredding process. When repairing equipment, you must do the following: shut down the power supply, perform maintenance by one person, disassemble and assemble the equipment according to the maintenance instructions, and do not knock or even smash important parts and other rough operations.

2. If abnormal noise is found in the equipment during use, the user needs to check whether the rotating shaft in the inner cavity of the equipment is damaged. If not, it means that there is too little butter on the rotating shaft, causing the friction between the rotating shaft and the gear to increase. Abnormal noise, this kind of minor fault needs to be discovered and solved in time to avoid causing serious trouble. Users need to regularly add butter to the rotating shaft to prevent damage to the rotating shaft due to poor lubrication effect.

3. If the problem of poor shredding efficiency of materials is found during the production process, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection. This situation is most likely caused by the long-term shredding of hard materials, which causes the gap between the cutter discs in the inner cavity of the equipment to become larger. This kind of failure is also a normal loss phenomenon. As long as the user checks that the cutterhead is not worn, there is no need to replace it. All it takes is adjusting the gap between the blades.

In order to achieve better shredding effects and working capabilities of the shredder equipment, let me explain to you the precautions before, during and after use of the shredder equipment:

Precautions before use: (1) Check the tightness of the screws in various parts; (2) Turn the pulley by hand to see if there is any jam in the shredding chamber; (3) Check whether the lubricating oil in each bearing position is filled.

Precautions during use: (1) It is prohibited to put inflammable and explosive materials; (2) It is strictly forbidden to stand in front of the feeding port; (3) Workers must wear safety helmets when the equipment is in operation; (4) If there is overloading, slow down Feeding speed to prevent overloading from causing safety hazards to the motor.

Precautions after shutdown: Before shutting down the equipment, let the equipment idle for two minutes to completely remove the objects to be shredded in the shredding chamber to prevent problems during the second startup. Check the motor temperature and bearing temperature before leaving get off work. Check the belt tightness. Check and replace the hammer head and blade when necessary.

When using the shredder, pay more attention to the inspection and maintenance of the equipment. It is necessary to solve problems when encountering them, so that the shredder equipment can achieve better shredding effects and working performance.