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Kitech in Plaspol 2019

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The 23rd international plastic processing exhibition in Poland is the largest plastic exhibition in central Europe, which is certified by the international UFI. PLASTPOL is one of the most important exhibitions in the international plastics industry and the most international exhibition in Poland.


After years of continuous efforts, Kitech machinery has developed many customers in the plastic industry in Poland and maintained long-term friendly and win-win cooperative relations. In recent years, Kitech team deeply develop Poland market and overcome the difficulties. Excellent and steady management concept, the enterprising and pioneering spirit, strong research and development capability, excellent process control, and  rigorous and accurate testing method, which has laid a solid foundation for Kitech’s product quality and won the widespread praise and trust from many customers in Poland market as always and had achieved fruitful results.

We are confident to expand and strengthen the polish market and provide polish customers with our best quality plastic recycling & extrusion equipment.

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