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Kitech in ChinaPlas 2019

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21-24th May, Annual industry feast-Chinaplas 2019 was held such as about to in Guangzhou Pazhou National Convention and Exhibition Center. 1.2H R43 booth.

Kitech meet the world visitors with simple decoration style and elegant structure.

Kitech Machinery demonstrated plastic granulation machine at the exhibition, consolidated existing partnerships, and explored a large number of potential customers, laying a solid foundation for market development.

Exhibition ---Kitech (1).jpg

Exhibition ---Kitech (2).jpg


Open the door welcoming, with guest from worldwide. 

Not only the arrival of old customers, but also new customers to come to the advisory. 

All our salesman are receiving customers.

And signed the agreement on the fair.


Ravel to further, strive forward.

Kitech takes every step in the cross, transformation. The future will be worth looking forward to!