The hazards of plastic granulator raw materials and their impact on environmental protection

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In fact, many users do not know much about the raw materials used in the plastic granulator before purchasing the plastic granulator, nor do they know whether the plastic raw materials are harmful. The raw material used in the plastic granulator is mainly polyester. The main material of the plastic bottle cap is polyethylene. The sealing gasket inside is mainly EVA or thermoplastic elastomer. These materials are not harmful to the human body . During the operation of the plastic granulator, pay attention to avoid hair and clothing being caught in the running parts of the machine, or other major hazards such as mechanical damage and electric shock. Generally, when tiny plastic particles are inhaled into the lungs, they will dissolve slightly because they contain a lot of chemicals, which may cause some harm to the body, but the harm is not great. Take some appropriate protective measures during operation, such as wearing a mask.

Nowadays, society is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. The development of the plastic industry has brought huge benefits to mankind, but it has also left endless troubles, namely "white pollution". Since the introduction of plastic products, waste plastics have inevitably been produced, and as time goes by, more new raw materials are put into use, causing waste plastics to increase significantly. Due to the large size of waste plastics, they are not easy to age and degrade at room temperature, resulting in increasing white pollution and causing serious damage to the ecological environment. For this reason, alarm bells have been sounded all over the world! Our government and local departments at all levels have successively introduced a series of preferential policies to encourage the recycling, recycling and utilization of waste plastics, and provide different forms of tax support such as tax reductions, exemptions or refunds of corporate income taxes. It is urgent to find a way to solve plastic waste pollution, turn waste into treasure, and create huge economic and social benefits. The function of the recycling plastic granulator is to reprocess the recycled waste plastics, such as greenhouse films, woven bags, plastic bags, plastic sandals and other plastic waste, into hot-selling plastic granules for recycling. Environmental protection is the hottest topic. For the future of the earth, everyone and every organization must pay attention to environmental protection.