The 2nd Kitech machinery Welding skills competition

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The 2ndKitech Machinery welding technology competition was held in hot July.

More than 20 kitech people working in the production line showed their skills on the competition field with their superb welding skills. Achieved excellent results. They fully display the company's staff to strive for the first, never say die spirit, show the company pioneering, advocating learning good fashion.


Kitech machinery requires employees not only to complete the task according to the quantity, but also to complete the production task with high quality under the premise of excellent technology, so as to ensure the perfect workmanship and high quality of finished equipment.


Each equipment of  Kitech embodies the heart and sweat of kitech people. Zero defects and high precision are the goal of Kitech people's pursuit.


The enterprise is prosperous, no one is stopped, Kitech machinery forward-looking, pay attention to the construction and training of talent team, Kitech laid a solid foundation for the future.