Routine maintenance of plastic granulator

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Doing a good job in the daily maintenance of the plastic granulator can extend the service life and improve the efficiency of the granulator. The daily maintenance of the plastic granulator can be done through the following aspects:

1. After the plastic granulator has been working for a period of time, regular inspections are required. Remove the hardware and, if the bearings have little wear, can be turned on a lathe to achieve the correct geometry. At the same time, pay attention to the gap between the eccentric shaft and the bearing bush and the spindle and the bearing bush. If it exceeds 1.5 times, it should be replaced or padded and adjusted.

2. Add lubricant and lubricating oil in time to reduce unnecessary mechanical wear.

3. Clean regularly to remove debris from the plastic granulator body to ensure the reasonable and effective operation of the machine.

4. Regularly inspect the circuits to check whether there are bad contacts, exposed wire leaks, etc., and use electricity safely.