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Plastic Recycling

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While plastic has many valuable uses, we have become addicted to single-use plastic products- with severe environmental, social, economic and health consequences.

Around the world, one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute, while up to five trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year. In total, half of all plastic produced is designed for single-use purposes-used just once and then thrown away.


Of the seven billion tonnes of plastic waste generated globally so far, less than 10 per cent has been recycled. Millions of tonnes of plastic waste are lost to the environment, or sometimes shipped thousands of kilometres to destinations where it is mostly burned or dumped. The estimated annual loss in the value of plastic packaging waste during sorting and processing alone is US$ 80- 120 billion.

Kitech Machinery is a professional plastic recycling manufacturer, we are committed to continuously improving recycling technology to serve customers and society.

Our plastic recycling washing system & compacting pelletizing system is specially designed for variety of plastics, such as SBS/PE/PP/CPP/BOPP/PPS/EPS/EPE/ABS/PA/PLA/PET etc.

It can perfectly deal with different forms of materials, such as soft blowing films, rigid injection materials, rigid extrusion materials, foaming materials, etc. The end pellets product can application in various fields, such as injection molding, blowing molding, extrusion, etc. 

Nowadays, we have helped more than 150 customers in 35 countries all over the world, to provide green plastic recycling solutions and turn key projects, you are mostly welcome to contact us for more information of plastic recycling solution!

Kitech has made its own contribution to the global environmental protection!