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Kitech in ChinaPlas 2021

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13-16th April, Plastic industry annually Chinaplas was hold in Shenzheng Baoan Strict National Convention and Exhibition Center. 6Q31is our booth.


The first day we tested crushed pp woven bags materials; With the same machine we tested LDPE films in the second day ;LLDPE films in the third day ;and HDPE crushed flakes materials in the last day of the Exhibition.We used four different materials to granulate on the same machine,and finally we all got high qualified pellets.The test machine was a perfect success.


Due to COVID-19, foreign customers can not enter. However, At this exhibition, domestic customers have high demand, And there was many customers who have on-site consultation, Which has laid a solid foundation for opening up the domestic market.




Warmly welcome customers of domestic markets, All of our salesman are introducing our machine to customers at the fair.


Make pellets ,Save resources, Having Better World.