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Chinaplas 2024

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23rd--26th April. 2024

Booth No.: NC24

City: Shanghai China

With the improvement of global requirements for the quality of plastic products, plastic production and plastic recycling technology is becoming the focus of the world. The Chinaplas Rubber and Plastics exhibition recently held in Shanghai attempts to provide a platform for global plastics companies to exchange ideas.

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Kitech participated in the exhibition at the Plastic Recycling Technology Hall. After a lapse of six years, Chinaplas returned to Shanghai, and Kitech also brought the latest plastic recycling technology. In this exhibition, Kitech explained the advantages and applications of new technologies to hundreds of guests and customers, and received numerous attention and praise.

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Kitech is a manufacturer of mid-to-high end plastic recycling machine in China and adopts European original technology for production. Kitech deeply understands and follows the manufacturing standards of CE, UL and CSA.

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The machine Kitech brought to this exhibition is the KSS85 Shredding Pelletizing System which adopts cutting-edge and innovative technology. It is shredder integrated recycling pelletizing system with self-cleaning laser filter and underwater die head cut pelletizer. It is specially designed for post industry in-plant clean waste such as PP raffia bag, big bag, non-woven fabric, rigid lumps, PE film and so on.

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Kitech takes every visiting guest and guest seriously, and interprets Kitech's corporate culture with the most cutting-edge technology and the best quality service. Kitech will do better in plastic recycling technology. 

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In the four days of the exhibition, lots of customers want to visit our factory and we have prepared the test machine of plastic pelletizing line and washing line in the factory in advance. Kitech can meet all the needs of customers.