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Chinaplas 2023

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17th--20th April. 2023

Booth No.: 6J51

City: Shenzheng. China

With the growth of China's plastic and rubber industry for over 30 years,Chinaplas has developed into the largest rubber and plastic industry exhibition in Asia, and has played a positive role in promoting the development of China's rubber and plastic industry.

Chinaplas 2023-1

At present, Chinaplas is a leading global exhibition in the plastic and rubber industry, its influence is second only to Germany's K Show, becoming one of the world's top exhibitions in the rubber and plastics industry.

Chinaplas 2023-2

After two years of covid-19,Kitech bring the new 5G compacting pelletizing system to this fair,which is more intelegent,can saves 20% on energy consumption, increases 55% on capacity, is cheaper and takes up less space.

Chinaplas 2023-3

During the fair , we have a deep understanding of the plastic industry trends, we developed a group of new customers with potential ability, and provided professional solutions for new customers in the corresponding plastic recycling project, and promote the trust of old customers to us.

Chinaplas 2023-4

What's even more gratifying is on the second and third days of the exhibition, we successively signed new orders from foreign customers,they are satisfied with our recycling solution and quality of the washing and pelletizing machines.

Chinaplas 2023-5

After the 4 days exhibition, we have many clients want go to our factory for see our recyling lines running,which bring us more hope of the fure.